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From April 12-14, the largest motor show “Auto 2019” in the Baltic States took place in Kipsala, where racing cars and special-purpose machines were exhibited alongside with new cars and powerful tuning projects. The most remarkable of them was the unique all-terrain called Burlak designed for Arctic expeditions, which exists only in one copy in the world. The impressive all-terrain vehicle is made for extreme, arctic weather, when the temperature reaches even minus 60 degrees. Burlak has excellent ability to travel off-road, for instance, in swamps, snow fields, mountains, mud and water bodies. In water, it can move at a speed of 6 km/h. In this case, the tires serve as an airbag. The air pressure in them is adjusted from the interior, which makes it easier to change the pressure according to the surface. However, Burlak is not suitable for asphalt because its benefits start where the asphalt ends (read more)

Watch this video to see how Burlak goes to the Kipsala Exhibition Centre, but HERE back at home

Also, Burlak received the award by the International Exhibition Company BT1 – the Best Off-Road Car of 2019!

Photos of Burlak's adventures at the Kipsala Exhibition Centre can be seen in a photo gallery.

Thanks to for the opportunity to participate in Kipsala Motor Show 2019!

Special THANKS goes to BalticSnow for the winter feeling at the Burlak and stands!

The Burlak's team is supported in expeditions by: Mēbeļu darbnīca

Very soon fans and lovers of automobile expeditions will be delighted by the movie “In the Grip of Borders” (Latvian: “Robežu gūstā”) about delivering a “fireman” from Lao Cai to Riga, where the process of the automobile expedition “Lao Cai – Riga” will be shown: preparatory works, car repair in Lao Cai and long distance (about 14 000 km) to Riga, crossing China, Mongolia, Russia and Latvia. In the movie, video footage from previous automobile expeditions “The Roof of the World” (Riga - Kathmandu - Riga in 2002), “Sun Gate” (Mexico - Buenos Aires in 2005), “African Belt” (Riga - Cape Town in 2007) and “Riga – Melbourne” (Riga - Singapore – Riga in 2009-2011) will be used as well, which will help to understand travellers' psychology and why the “fireman” is so valuable for them.

Video link is available HERE

Also, you can read about the long and unpredictable trip “Riga - Melbourne” (2017) in Harijs Sils' book “Abandoned in Vietnam" (Latvian: Pamests Vjetnamā)

One of the expedition sponsors: Mēbeļu darbnīca

On February 16, 2019, the 3rd stage of the LAF Folkrace took place in Pilskalns Motorway. The team of SK Garkalne racing started the day with good success, but no one expected such an outcome of the day.

After four qualification rounds, racers of the team SK Garkalne racing were in a good position:

Artis Biezais – the 1st, 2nd, 4th and the 2nd place,

Ermīns Vācietis the 3rd, 1st, 1st and the 3rd place,

Raivis Biezais the 2nd, 2nd, 2nd and the fourth race fight for the victory ended in a snowbank.

The places won in the qualification rounds guaranteed a place for all three racers of the SK Garkelne racing team in Final A among the top ten sportsmen from February 16.

The SK Garkalne racing team guys did not make a mistake and overwrote the history of Latvian folkrace, because no team has been able to take all three honourable places of the podium so far (more information)

More information HERE

One of the SK Garkalne racing team sponsors: Mēbeļu darbnīca

Already traditionally in the autumn, just before the Independence of Latvia, the Commander's Oskars Kalpaks Memorial Cup Cross Country will take place in Irlava for the 13th time. For the second year in a row, this is also the memorial race devoted to the thought leader of the event Oskars Grigs, who passed away.

The race is always special because the track, as in the late autumn, is a complete try-on for the sportsmen. There have been competitions in both very rainy and ice conditions; this time highly sticky and heavy clay will be on the track. How Oskars Grigs once said to the sportsmen: “You are soldiers, you have to overcome this difficulty in order to somehow understand what our ancestors have won under the command of the Commander Oskars Kalpaks”!

Arnolds Snikers, who had a successful season in motocross, convincingly confirmed the status of a “universal soldier”, having won the 3rd place in the MX2 class of the Latvian Championship and helping to win the 7th place in the Cup of European Nations starting with the Latvian team. Both solid victory won in the combined E1, E2, E3 class of the Oskars Kalpaks Cup and victory in absolute ranking, leaving behind the enduro old masters, the brothers Janis and Einars Vinters. More information here.

Sponsor of the event: Mēbeļu darbnīca.

This time, BURLAK went to the direction of Madona, to LĀCI of Liezeres parish, where the grand 4x4 adventure took place. The Signāls EM Trophy has been organizing an off road car race for several years, where you can enjoy both the spirit of the race itself and watch tireless quadricycle and other car racers.

This time, 5 stages of the race and a wide range of 4x4 vehicles, as well as trucks were seen in a single place.

As a special surprise, the viewers were offered the opportunity to feel the spirit of the travel in the legendary Arctic expedition vehicle BURLAK. There was an opportunity to watch, touch, sit down in the vehicle, talk with the expedition participants and watch the movie about adventures on the way to the White Bear Island in a leisurely atmosphere. More information is available here

One of the sponsors of the event: Mēbeļu darbnīca

The winners of the Latvian Youth Basketball League Championship in the U16 group (year of birth: 2002) have been clarified in Liepaja. The CYBS “Rig /DSN” (a coach Ralfs Stasans) won in the framework of the Boys' Tournament.
In the final play, “Rīga/DSN” (4th place) has masterfully dismissed over BS “Ķeizars/VEF Rīga” (2nd place; a coach Janis Butans) – 83:65 (14:23, 37:29, 68:42). The winners have a great predominance in the accuracy of the throws: two points 19/34 – 22/51, three points 8/25 – 3/17. Kriss Helmanis scored 24 points and won 14 balls, Markuss Kudrjavcevs 24, Kristians Feierbergs 19 (9 rest.) for a winning team. Raimons Stasans scored 17 points for a defeated team.
Fighting for the 3rd place, the CYBS “Rīga/A. Kraukļa VEF” (3rd place; a coach Marko Zarkovics) won over the best team of the Tournament – the CYBS “Rīga/Rīdzene” (1st place; Arvo Kallaste) – 96:85 (14:25, 42:42, 64:62). Rihards Paradnieks scored 27 points, Noa Viljamsons 24 (9 rest.), Davis Denafs 16 (9 rest.) for a winning team. Toms Skuja scored 25 points (6 serves, 6 rest.), Gatis Vegners 23 (11 rest.) for a defeated team.
One of the sponsors of the CYBS “Rīga/DSN”: Mēbeļu darbnīca

“The Criminal Excellence Fund” is a Latvian full-length criminal comedy about two friends, Imants and Harijs, who want to become criminal geniuses and be famous. The idea of this story came from the director, Oskars Rupenheits, who had already pleased us with the five short films of “Piens Fest”. The movie was fully funded by the movie's authors, private sponsors and benefactors. Part of the budget was collected by the audience themselves, since in 2015, the movie became the most successful supported project in the local collective investment platform, attracting more than 10 000 EUR. Movie trailer – HERE.
Facebook page of “The Criminal Excellence Fund”:

The Cup of the colonel Oskars Kalpaks is held annually in the autumn, and this year it is already organized for the 12th time. The race 2017 was also organized in memory of Oskars Grigs, who has already passed away and was the main initiator of this event.The following ones will start in the race - mopeds, classes of E1, E2, E3, Senior, Hobbies, C, Retro, Veterans, Quadra Open and Quadra 4x4.

One of the supporters of the event: Mēbeļu darbnīca.

In the spring of this year, the venturous men went on an expedition to the white bear land - Northern Russia. They were accompanied by a reliable all-terrain carrier Burlak, which crossed the Arctic ice fields and snowy tundra, passing over more than 7000 km. The destination of the expedition was Bely Island, which is virtually impossible to reach by car. This all-terrain carrier Burlak could be viewed next to the Riga Motor Museum throughout the day, on Saturday, October 28.

The portal Delfi in cooperation with LMT Smart TV offers to watch the story of the speed and adventure about the Yamal arctic expedition "Pa mamutu pēdām" ("In the Footsteps of Mammoths") in the series "ZeKurbulis". Kaspars Indriksons, an expedition member of the "ZeKurbulis" series discusses the progress of the expedition with a leader of "ZeKurbulis", Pauls Timrots, and looks at the 3.2-meter high vehicle built specifically for the North Pole.

The association Ascendum has created an interactive installation and is on the way to participate in this summer festivals. Together with the Internet magazine "", the projects "Mans Doms", "Garā pupa" and "Mākslai vajag telpu" (Art Needs Space), the association will take part in the Cēsis Art Festival and the festival “Laba Daba” this summer. The interactive installation specifically will highlight the latest of the association's collaborative projects - the public initiative Art Needs Space. The purpose of the installation is to promote discussion about the necessity of the Museum of Contemporary Art. One of the supporters of the event: Mēbeļu darbnīca.

Those who like nature and those who love cars and engines met each other. Thus, there was a plan for expedition with off-road cars to Murmansk and further to the mainland of the Kola Peninsula - the Fishermen's Peninsula forbidden to non-Russian citizens. 10 males, nature, car and off-road - so far the best trip in my life trip!” says one of the expedition members.